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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Child Room Theme Design

 Child Room Theme

In the past the classic baby room had white walls or colorful pink, yellow, green or blue, all in pale colors and beige furniture and the room was totally devoid of any trace of joy … Beside the toys. Now the rooms are cheerful decorated, and for good reason. The child should grow up in a room cheerful, bright, in which they will find imaginary universe. Here are some ideas to brighten a child’s room in terms of arrangement and decorations.

It is best to choose a color scheme or theme: forest and its animals, princesses world, car  racing, Tom and Jerry, Bob the Builder, Barbie, Mickey Mouse and friends.

Your child needs plenty of light during both day and night. Some children are afraid of the dark and it is not good for their health to stay all night long shivering under the covers waiting for dawn. Choose a great and fun ceiling lamp, some and possibly a bedside lamp.
If we had rooms painted in white or pale, do not be afraid to paint a wall in an intense shade in your kids room. Strong color contrasting with the light creates a magical and special place. As a rule, if you want to use a darker color, the room should have large windows well flooded with light during the day.
Especially if it is a girl, the child will be glad of a discreet scent in the room. Do not buy perfume filled with harmful chemicals. Instead you can use different mixtures of aromatic plants . Be careful not to be very strong!